Common Places

Common Places is a Creative Europe project by Cherimus, La Fundició, Bercellona (Lead Partner) and Prostorož, Ljubljana also supported by Fondazione di Sardegna.
Our territories have been subjected to very long processes of structural, economic but also symbolic violence that have resulted in the stigmatization of our cultural expressions and ways of doing. In a way, the living conditions of our peripheral territories are sustained by a cultural process of dispossession and thus we believe that cultural and artistic practices play a critical role to build strong, flexible and welcoming communities to counter hate speech and build plural european identities. With this project we aim at sharing situated cultural practices that put play, conviviality and (grassroots) urban regeneration at the centre to boost the autonomy and critical capacity of its residents to collectively build resistances and new imaginaries that break the stigmatization of peripheral territories.
During the two years of the project, Cherimus will organize the multidisciplinary program of courses and artist residencies named Totus in Pari. Four artists will explore in Perdaxius, meet the community and participate in the life of the town.