Totus in Pari is the project activity of Common Places dedicated to the community of Perdaxius and the surrounding area.
Totus in Pari (in english “All Together”) aims to experiment a new model of sociality for the community of Perdaxius, the town in which the association is based. The project is transversal and aims to involve children and young adults, as well as parents, adults and senior citizens.
In order to do this, Totus in pari plans to activate a series of English, Visual Arts and Music courses to establish three small new interconnected communities focusing on individual expression and collective work.
As well as creating a visible change in the public space of the town through the creation of wall paintings made in collaboration with visual artists.
The courses do not have a scholastic or academic slant, but are designed especially as a safe space, free from prejudices and notionisms, inclusive, the project aims above all else to grant each participant the space and time to deepen self-expression and collaboration with others, to imagine new solutions to improve the town’s quality of life.
The courses are interdisciplinary and collaboration between courses will be encouraged. All activities will take place in public places in Perdaxius, such as the community centre, in collaboration with other associations in the town (in particular Pantagus and Su Nuraghe which could host the workshops).
The activities are free of charge except for minimum tuition fees and insurance costs.
The project aims to develop and encourage a sense of community and culture of exchange, reciprocity and critical thinking, also through the involvement of all the associations in Perdaxius willing to collaborate.The topics and objectives of the workshops are the following:

English: learning the English language through games and conversation with native teachers.
Visual Art: participants will be the protagonists of a project of urban regeneration. On the basedon their ideas and dreams, outdoor areas will be identified to be transformed and regenerated through the collaboration with visual artists.
Music: percussion workshops to learn rhythmic patterns and the use of classical, pop / rock and traditional musical instruments.

The project is organized by Cherimus and co-financed by the Municipality of Perdaxius.