Today, millions and millions of us have become tiny islands.

Beyond each of our shores lies an ocean patrolled by floating spheres of DNA, ready to eat us alive.

We are tiny islands, and we’re scattered everywhere. Some of us are locked in busy cities or in the countryside, along a road, inside a cell, in a tent, behind the cash register of a pharmacy or a supermarket, behind a mask in the hospital, isolated in a bed hoping everything will go well, going up and down the roads in the cab of a truck with the radio at full volume.

The world, once a little marble, is gigantic again. Geography has changed. Dogmas and certainties have come down like a house of cards. But we still exist, dazed and scared, separated by the rough sea, farther away from each other than ever.

Isuleddas* is intended to collect and share some of the messages in bottles coming from our huge multitude of islands.

Isuleddas is a journey made up of unexpected encounters and never-before-seen places. Isuleddas is a space for sharing ideas, thoughts, images, and sounds to hold us all together in an archipelago, to tell something about our islands, to invent new names to write around us, new ways of being represented, in a world that is bouncing here and there like a rubber ball.

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*Isuleddas is a Sardinian word that means “little islands”