Chadal is the name of a Sardinian-Senegalese band, created as part of an international cooperation project between Senegal and Sardinia, organized by Cherimus in collaboration with other Sardinian institutions and the association Ker Thiossane from Dakar. The project’s idea was to strengthen and deepen the dialogue between the Sardinian and the Senegalese communities, the latter representing the largest African community in Sardinia.

Chadal debuted in Dakar on May 20, 2011, before embarking on a concert tour across Sardinia and the northern Italy. The visionary scenic design of the concerts was created during a series of workshops held in Dakar and in several small towns of Sulcis, where Sardinian and Senegalese children also built traditional instruments from their respective regions and exchanged them.

The first songs composed by the musicians from the two countries were recorded on an LP. As part of the project, we also produced a new magazine which was ‘already one year old when it first came out’, called ‘Dakar’, whose first issue was entirely dedicated to Chadal.

The name of the band is a transliteration of the Peul word ‘Caadal’, the name of a colorful bird that migrates every year from Sardinia to Senegal.