Alessandro Di Giampietro
Butterfly Etude

A group of people was invited to the entrance of an abandoned mine. Everyone flew their kites, and the sky in front of the iron tower of the mine was filled with colors: for a brief moment, a lost place was revived. The action was then captured in a photograph.

* * *

Cleo Fariselli
Gigante Montagna

Coming from ancient folk tales, the Giant Mountain created during the workshops with the children was installed on holidays in the central square of the town. Inside, you could take refuge, play, write, and draw, like in a magical, forgotten time.

* * *

Marco Colombaioni
Maschere, autovolanti e macchine del tempo

During the Luna Park Party workshops, children created a fantastic world from the material they gathered, creating self-flying cars, roller coasters, colorful masks, water parks, and a time machine that was then made available to all during the days of the party.

* * *

Derek MF Di Fabio
Strumenti rumorosissimi

Reconstructing sounds that were lost who-knows-where; imagining a noisy burst of sounds from found objects used as instruments; trumpeting on a symphony of jars.
During the workshop, the children of Perdaxius assembled materials they collected from the families, hypothesizing new uses for them and experimenting with new sounds. On the last day of the celebration, the whole town could hear their noisy parade through the the center of town.

* * *

Giovanni Giaretta
Cinema Perdaxius

With simple elements, such as shaving mirrors and small neon lights, rudimentary projectors have been built, a minimalist cinema. During the workshop with the children of Perdaxius, portraits of the aliens of the country were drawn, a parade of presences that are not there. On the days of the festival the silhouettes were projected in the library, which for three days became Perdaxius’s cinema.

* * *

Leonardo Chiappini

Small and large ducks, seals, colorful breeds, populate the square and the crevices of an ancient mud house in Perdaxius. Made during the workshop, the origami were arranged by the children all around their village.