Communities Between Islands is a traveling artist residency project dedicated to research and exchange with local communities, organized by three cultural associations on three Mediterranean islands: Cherimus in Sardinia (Italy), Providenza in Corsica (France), and the Archipelago Network in Syros (Greece).
Its concept reflects the need to overcome the difficulties common to the three islands, linked to the geographical barriers that keep them isolated from the main European circuits of contemporary art.

In order to tackle the difficulties of art production in islands in reaching beyond their local territory, the project activates a transnational artists residency, where every artist invited will spend time in each of the three islands in order to produce works based on their experience of the cultural and natural traits of the places visited. Whereas virtually all existing art residencies are based in one single place, this approach will allow the artists to participate in a journey materially anchored in the history, culture and landscapes of insular Mediterranean.

Alongside these organizations, three art and cultural institution of these Islands will support the spreading of the results of the project through exhibitions, presentations and workshop: Museo Nivola, FRAC Corsica and Syros Film Festival.

The project is divided into three cycles of residencies over two years (2023-24). For each cycle, three artists will each develop a project related to the cultural and natural specificities of the three locations, exploring their riches and their common challenges.
At the end of each cycle there will be a public presentation of every artist’s research and later on an exhibition or public event showing the art pieces produced during the residency.

The partnership of the project include also the municipality of Bastia, Corsica and Perdaxius, Sardinia.
Communities Between Islands is a Creative Europe project written by Cherimus and funded by European Commission and Fondazione di Sardegna.