About us

Cherimus’ aim is to contribute to the development of the social and cultural patrimony – past and present – of the  the Sulcis-Iglesiente region (south-west Sardinia, Italy) through art.  

Like most ‘peripheries’ of today, Sulcis is torn between the preservation of its heritage (nuragic, pre-nuragic, pastoral, industrial) and its ongoing incorporation into the global sphere. The risk, though, is that it may not be able  to actively control this transition: its local history and identity may turn into mere ‘anecdotes’ or curiosities for tourists, rather than being consciously integrated into the real existence of communities, so as to create new avenues for culture and life in common.

Cherimus works towards this aim. We do not view art only as production of artistic artifacts, but as an alternative way of reflecting and intervening into the economic, social, political and cultural problems of Sulcis. We would like to develop – effectively and in a way that is accessible to the people involved, and to the widest possible audience – a new sensibility and a new approach to the questions we address, so as to offer the local community a different perspective on itself.      

To do that, Cherimus also seeks to open Sulcis up to inputs and experiences coming from distant places (the Mediterranean, Africa, Europe), through international cooperation projects aimed at revitalizing and transforming the specific characters of its territory. Our goal is to build a bridge between regions that are geographically remote or apparently incompatible, but that nonetheless experience similar contradictions between their marginality and cultural richness.      

Our projects take each time a different form, as they seek to adjust to the communities’ existing energies and tensions, to the encounters we make on our way and to the guest artists we collaborate with.       

Cherimus is a group of artists and professionals from different sectors and disciplines, coming from Sardinia and from all over the world.

In the Sardinian language, Cherimus means ‘we wish’, ‘we desire’.